Кубрат-Пулев-2Kubrat Pulev, the mandatory for Wladimir Klitschko’s IBF crown, had something to say about Dr Steelhammer and his brother – Vitali. The Bulgarian thinks the Ukrainian brothers are ruining the heavyweight division, fighting only with weak opponents.

Pulev is waiting for a match with Wladimir and he hopes the fight will happen this year. „The Klitschko brothers are ruining the heavyweight division. There is no drama in their matches because they choose to fight weaker opponents. They are maneuvering, the world federations are helping them to do it. They just ruin the heavyweight dicision, I don’t think this is fair“, Pulev said.

„I suppose anyone would maneuver if he was in their place but this is too much. I think we are talking about a very serious greed. However, I believe everything will fall into its place“, commented The Cobra. 

I believe I will fight Wladimir Klitschko this year. If he doesn’t defend his title in 2014, he has to vacate it. He can’t be running away forever. I don’t know if Wladimir’s chin is weak, but I believe it will crack“, thinks the Bulgarian.





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